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Stokke® Tripp Trapp® + Accessories Bundle - Serene Pink

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The Stokke® Tripp Trapp® + Accessory Bundle provides all the essentials to comfy and safely accommodate your child from 6 months up to 3 years. This set includes the Stokke® Tripp Trapp Highchair, Baby Set, Child Safety Harness, Cushion and Tray.

The Stokke® Tripp Trapp® features unique adjustability of the seat and footrest height and depth enabling the Tripp Trapp® to adapt to your child as they grow, ensuring that your child sits comfortably at all times.

The Stokke® Tripp Trapp® was designed to elevate your child to the optimal and correct seating position, bringing your child closer and into the table, allowing your child to sit, eat and interact with you and other family members whilst seated. Sitting with you, your child is more able to bond, and develop language and social skills.

Adjustable seating height & depth.

The Tripp Trapp® is fitted with a height adjustable seat plate, elevating your child to the correct height whilst seated, with elbows comfortably resting at table height. Tripp Trapp® provides the ideal position for eating, playing and socialising around the family dinner table.

The Tripp Trapp® Seat plate adjusts horizontally to match your child's size, helping your child to sit in the ergonomically correct position, with the ideal "two fingers" width between the back of their knees and the seating plate.

Adjustable footrest height & depth.

The Tripp Trapp® is fitted with a height adjustable footrest, so your child can sit comfortably with legs and feet supported.

The adjustable footrest depth creates the perfect platform for your child to comfortably shift weight and move whilst seated.

Ergonomic design

The ergonomic design of the Tripp Trapp® allows adjustability of the seat plate and footrest in both height and depth, assuring that you can place the Tripp Trapp® in the perfect ergonomic sitting position for your baby, improving posture and helping correct spine development whilst providing your child with enough foot and leg space.

Fully adjustable children's chair

Both the seat plate and the footrest can be adjusted in height and depth, helping your child to seated safely and comfortably from 6 months until teenage years.


The Tripp Trapp® highchair meets and complies with all international safety standards, giving you the reassurance and peace of mind that your child is safe and secure in the Stokke® Tripp Trapp®.

Improved strength and stability

The Tripp Trapp® is made from strong and resilient beech wood which contributes to higher safety and suitability up to 136kg/300lbs of maximum user weight!

Easy to assemble

Tripp Trapp® only requires the umbraco key to assemble and adjust, enabling easy assembly, disassembly, and adjustment of the chair as your child grows.

Protective coating

The Tripp Trapp® is finished with a high quality coating, providing a smooth and resistant surface and reducing scratches and making your Tripp Trapp® easier to clean and maintain.

Stokke® Tray included

Stokke® Tray allows you to quickly and easily transform your Stokke® Tripp Trapp® into a stand-alone high chair.

  • Product weight in kg/lbs: 7 / 15,4
  • Product dimensions in cm: L: 49 H: 79 W: 46
  • Product dimensions in inches: L: 19,3" H: 31,1" W: 18,1"
  • Suitable for age in months: >36
  • Maximum user weight: 136 kg/300 lbs
  • Materials: Beech wood

  • Wipe with a clean damp cloth and remove excess water with a dry cloth. Moisture will crack stain.
  • The use of any detergent or micro fibre cloth is not recommended.
  • Colours may change if the wood is exposed to the sun.

Stokke products have 2 years manufactures warranty. Extend your warranty by registering your purchase with Stokke at

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