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Bundle Includes:
Shnuggle Baby Bath With Plug
Shnuggle Folding Bath Stand
Shnuggle Wearable Hooded Towel
 Shnuggle Washy Bath Jug
RRP: £85.80
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Shnuggle Bath Time Bundle

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  • Shnuggle Baby Bath With Plug - White/Grey * Choose your: Shnuggle Baby Bath With Plug
    White/Grey - In Stock
    • Shnuggle Baby Bath With Plug - White/Grey White/Grey - In Stock
    • Shnuggle Baby Bath With Plug - Slate Grey Slate Grey - In Stock
    • Shnuggle Baby Bath With Plug - Rose Rose - In Stock
    • Shnuggle Baby Bath With Plug - Aqua Aqua - In Stock
    • Shnuggle Baby Bath With Plug - Navy Navy - In Stock
RRP: £85.80

In Stock

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Get those bath time essentials for the new arrival or give the perfect gift with the Bath Time Bundle from Shnuggle, which includes a Baby Bath in your choice of colour, a Folding Bath Stand, Wearable Hooded Towel and Washy Jug.

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<span class="product-name">Shnuggle Folding Bath Stand - White</span>   <span class="price-notice">+ <span class="price-container tax weee" > <span data-price-amount="26.54" data-price-type="" class="price-wrapper " ><span class="price">£26.54</span></span> </span> </span> - In Stock
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    The Shnuggle Bath Time Bundle is everything you need for baby's bath time. Get yourself started or provide the ideal gift for expectant parents with this lovely bundle of practical bath time items.

    Shnuggle Baby Bath With Plug

    With updated non-slip feet and comfy foam backrest the Shnuggle Baby Bath is the ideal first bath for your baby that can be used from birth up to 12 months. This award-winning bathtub is equipped with a handy bath plug, which will make emptying and cleaning the bath even easier. An integrated bum bump which helps to support your baby while they recline in their early months. Its unique compact design creates a safe and comfy baby bathing environment free from BPA and phthalates.

    • Suitable from birth to 12 months
    • Compact design made with BPA and phthalate free HDPE
    • Creates a more upright and comfy position for baby
    • Soft foam backrest for baby's comfort
    • Rubber non-slip feet at the base of the bath for safety
    • Integrated bum bump to support baby in the early months
    • Handy plug to empty or refresh water
    • Easy to wash and clean with a soft cloth and warm soapy water
    • Gold winner of the 2019 Mother & Baby Awards

    Shnuggle Folding Bath Stand

    Specifically designed to fit the Shnuggle Baby Bath, the adjustable height to around 72cm from the floor removes the backache during bath time and allows for bonding with your baby, ensuring you can make eye contact with your little one. The Shnuggle Folding Bath Stand is extremely safe as it has been fully tested, and is made from sturdy metal with rubber gripped feet to secure the stand. Especially ideal for those who have had a caesarian, using the Shnuggle Folding Bath Stand means that baby is at waist height, making bath time a breeze.

    • Recommended from birth to 6 months
    • Raises bath to around 72cm from the floor
    • Removes back ache during bath time
    • Eye contact is made easier for extra bonding with baby
    • Fully tested
    • Flat packed for quick and easy home assembly

    Shnuggle Wearable Hooded Towel

    The unique design of the Shnuggle Wearable Hooded Towel makes it wearable, easy to release and the perfect shape to wrap baby up. Made from soft cotton, the towel is gentle against delicate skin, combined with an attached hood to keep baby nice and cosy.

    Shnuggle Washy Bath Jug

    Shnuggle Washy Bath Jug is a uniquely designed Shnuggle Bath accessory, which allows you to rinse your little one easily after washing. Soft front rim gently rests against the child's head and helps to direct the water away from the sensitive baby's eyes. A comfortable handle perfectly fits the edge of your Shnuggle Bath, keeping it underhand and you can store it with your bath.

    • The soft border gently rests on the child's head
    • Comfortable handle
    • Hooks fit nicely on the bathtub (sold individually)
    • Handy and easy storage

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    • Shnuggle Bath Dimensions: L 34 x W 25.5 x H 35 cm
    • Shnuggle Bath Weight: 1.2 kg
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