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Brio Railway World Deluxe Set

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All of the favourites from the railway world in one place, providing hours of fun for your little one from 3 years old and over. The set contains more than 100 different parts and elements and comes packed in two handy and sturdy green plastic boxes, with shut-close clasps for secure storage.

Why Buy from Us?

The Railway World Deluxe Set suitable from 3 years old features over 100 various wooden components to provide never-ending entertainment for your little one. This set was created to combine favourites from all Brio wooden toy worlds, in one! Assemble the rail and road tracks, which will lead any of the three trains from the farm to the airport, passed the speaking train station, over the bridge and down to the harbour.

The Railway World Deluxe Set features both light and sound effects, which gives your child even more satisfaction of playing. You will even find a fence for the farm animals and a life ring in the box, ready for any emergency. The Speaking Train Station is battery operated and announces the destination when the button is pressed. It also features a smart clock with moveable clock arms. The ferry is also equipped with a fun sound effect. Simply press the button, and the ferry will sound its horn, and the sidelights will come on. When you press the button on the lighthouse, the light will flash and the lighthouse will alternate between two randomly selected sounds.


  • Suitable for ages 3+ years
  • Includes over 100 various components
  • Provides hours of playing for your little one
  • Light and sound effects for extra fun
  • Includes two handy and sturdy green plastic boxes for storage
  • Manufactured to BRIO's high standards and from FSC Certified wood


  • 5x Playfigures
  • 1 x Map
  • 2 x Signposts
  • 3 x Trees
  • 1 x Cow
  • 1 x Horse,
  • 1 x Suitcase
  • 1 x Life-Ring
  • 4 x Fences
  • 4 x Wagon Loads
  • 1 x Freight Train
  • 3 x Travel Train Carriages
  • 1 x Train, 4x Wagons
  • 1 x Tractor
  • 1 x Car,
  • 1 x Bus,
  • 1 x Tipper Lorry
  • 1 x Ferry
  • 1 x Aeroplane
  • 1 x Airport Terminal
  • 1 x Large Station
  • 1 x Small Station
  • 1 x Lighthouse,
  • 1 x Crane
  • 1 x Suspension bridge
  • 1 x Barn
  • 46 x Track Pieces
  • 6 x Road Pieces
  • 4 x Supports
  • 4 x Ramps
  • 2 x Storage Box
  • 6 x LR44 Batteries
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    Track layout dimensions: 116 x 147cm

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