Minimeis G5 - award-winning shoulder carrier

Minimeis G5 - award-winning shoulder carrier

Posted by Lucy on 2nd Jul 2024

Meet the Minimeis G5 Shoulder Carrier, the latest innovation in babywearing technology. As the 5th generation of this award-winning solution, it's designed specifically for parents who are familiar with the convenience and closeness of carrying their little ones on their shoulders. This game-changing carrier features a patented lift-up position that allows you to effortlessly cradle your baby without having to lift a finger - perfect for busy parents who value ease and comfort. With the Minimeis G5, you can enjoy the benefits of babywearing without the hassle.

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Designed by Norwegian dads for parents who love carrying their toddlers on their shoulders. Suitable for little ones from 6 months to 4 years old, this innovative carrier ensures a fun and comfortable ride for kids, with a great view from up high and relief for tired feet. However, traditional piggyback rides can be challenging for parents, requiring both hands to hold the child in place. The Minimeis G5 solves this problem with a patented design that provides a safe and ergonomic lift-up position, freeing up your hands while keeping your little one snug and secure.

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Features a specially designed frame that distributes the child's weight evenly, reducing strain on your neck and shoulders. The soft, padded adjustable carry arches provide extra comfort, while the elevated seat with high backrest, waist belt, and leg straps ensure maximum safety and support for the child. With its innovative design, you can enjoy hands-free carrying without compromising on comfort or safety for either you or your little one.

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Weighing in at just 1.6 kg - significantly lighter than average backpack carriers. But what's even more impressive is its eco-friendliness made from 30% recyclable materials, it's equivalent to recovering 19.5 plastic bottles from the oceans. This not only makes it easy to carry your little one around, but also reduces waste and supports a more sustainable future.

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When not in use, the Minimeis G5 Shoulder Carrier folds down to a compact 30 x 30 cm square, making it easy to stash away. And just as effortless is the assembly process - it's a swift and seamless transition from folded to ready-to-go, so you can hit the road (or trails) in seconds.

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While many travel backpack carriers offer storage space, the Minimeis G5 Shoulder Carrier doesn't. However, the producers have thoughtfully provided a solution with the Minimeis Hero Backpack - a convenient accessory that can be easily attached to the carrier's back. This adds ample storage for your travel essentials, and you can even pack the folded shoulder carrier inside for maximum portability.

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