Meet the Doona X

Meet the Doona X

Posted by Lucy on 18th Mar 2024

Introducing Doona X, the newest innovation from the Doona family set to launch on 18th March. Building on the success of their groundbreaking fully integrated car seat stroller, Doona X takes convenience to the next level with the world's first complete and fully integrated travel system. Offering unparalleled comfort and versatility with 3 recline positions, parents can easily transition from car seat to stroller mode, making it the perfect solution for families on-the-go.

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The upgraded Doona X showcases a host of new features that enhance the overall user experience. From the Soft Release System ensuring a seamless transition between car seat and stroller modes, to the Easy-Fastening Shoulder Pads simplifying the process of securing babies in the seat, these innovations prioritize convenience and comfort. Additionally, the incorporation of high durability wheels and a Shock Absorbent Mechanism guarantee a smoother ride in stroller mode, highlighting the commitment to practicality and quality in the design of the Doona X.

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Safety remains paramount in the design of the Doona X, maintaining compliance with the latest R129 car seat regulations and undergoing rigorous testing by global experts in engineering, safety, and medical fields. The hybrid functionality of the Doona X has been meticulously assessed to meet stringent standards for car seats, strollers, reclined cradles, and TUV aircraft approval. This dedication to safety is evident in features such as the integrated 5-point harness, adjustable headrest, SIP, infant insert, and the innovative triple recline function, ensuring that Doona X offers the highest level of protection, comfort, and convenience for parents and their little ones.

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The addition of the Doona SIP (Side Impact Protection) feature to the Doona X highlights a commitment to enhancing safety measures for infants during car rides. This innovative feature serves as an additional safeguard by absorbing energy in the event of a side collision, providing an extra layer of protection beyond standard requirements. Developed and rigorously tested, the Doona SIP has been proven to notably enhance injury criteria outcomes in cases of side impacts, underscoring the brand's dedication to prioritizing infant safety and well-being.

Marc Kelly, Managing Director at CuddleCo, expressed excitement about the launch of the Doona X, noting the brand's history of innovation beginning with the pioneering Doona car seat a decade prior. Kelly emphasized the brand's commitment to revolutionizing the market with the introduction of a cutting-edge car seat/stroller combination that seamlessly transitions from the car to walking with exceptional design and functionality. The inclusion of a lie-flat option aims to provide utmost safety and comfort for infants, making the Doona X a standout product launch that promises to be a generational game-changer in the industry.

About Doona

Doona's inception stemmed from the founder's personal quest to provide a safe space for his newborn amidst dissatisfaction with existing infant car seats and strollers. Evolving into a visionary entity, Doona now stands as a dedicated company striving to streamline and enhance the experiences of parenthood. Rooted in a mission to create innovative solutions that elevate contemporary parenting while upholding standards of integrated functionality, quality, safety, and design, Doona exemplifies a commitment to crafting products that positively resonate with both parents and their children.

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