Introducing the egg3® Stroller

Introducing the egg3® Stroller

Posted by Lucy on 28th Mar 2024

The egg3® Stroller is designed with a focus on providing maximum comfort and protection for your child. The enhanced, extendable canopy not only offers shade and sun protection with 50+ UPF fabrics but also ensures optimal airflow through a ventilation window. The added feature of magnets sewn into the fabric allows for easy opening and closing of the canopy, making it convenient for parents while prioritizing the well-being of their little one during stroller rides.

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Offering a three-position recline and the option to face either parent or the world, the seat is tailored to ensure comfort for extended periods. The inclusion of a one-pull harness simplifies the process of securing your baby in the seat effortlessly. Additionally, the adjustable headrest and harness, discreetly accessible from the rear, allow the seat to adapt and grow with your child as they develop. These thoughtful features aim to make parenting easier while ensuring the safety and comfort of your little one during stroller outings.

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With the innovative 'one-hand fold' feature, the egg3® chassis ensures effortless compactness when folded, conveniently free-standing with the handle raised from the ground. The stroller's large puncture-free tires, sporting an egg-shaped tread pattern, offer both style and functionality, leaving a distinctive mark wherever it travels. Engineered for comfort, superior handling, and enhanced durability, the egg3® is equipped with Tru-Ride® technology for seamless multi-terrain strolling, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience as you navigate different surfaces with ease.

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The egg3® Carrycot offers a safe and luxurious sanctuary for babies in their first six months, ensuring their well-being in a comfortable lie-flat position. Boasting a sustainable Sorona® mattress that is washable, breathable, and chemical-free, the carrycot prioritizes both safety and comfort. Additionally, the carrycot includes features such as an extra-large hood with a ventilation window and rocking rails on the base, providing a soothing environment to help lull your baby to sleep. These thoughtful design elements enhance the functionality and convenience of the carrycot, creating an optimal space for your little one.

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Effortlessly transition from car rides to strolling with the egg® Shell Car Seat, perfect for quick trips and on-the-go convenience. By utilizing the egg Multi Car Seat Adaptors, seamlessly attach your car seat to the chassis and secure it in place without disturbing your sleeping baby, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for both you and your little one. This innovative design allows for easy maneuverability and adaptability, making travel with a baby a breeze.

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The egg3® Stroller offers versatile options for growing families or those with twins. With the egg2/3 tandem adaptors, easily transform the stroller to accommodate two children. Alternatively, the new egg® Ride-on-Board with Seat provides an option for toddlers seeking a bit more independence. Families with pets can also include their furry friends on outings using the egg® Basket / Pet Basket. These additional accessories enhance the functionality and inclusivity of the egg3®, ensuring that all members, both young and four-legged, can enjoy the ride together.

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Egg Carrycot Stand

Introducing the new egg® Carrycot Stand, a practical and stylish solution for your baby's early months. This stand serves as a replacement for a Moses basket, offering a secure and elevated space for the egg® Carrycot at home or on-the-go. To ensure proper ventilation, it is recommended to remove the carrycot apron and collapse the canopy while in use. The stand also features a convenient storage basket and easy folding mechanism for quick and compact storage when not in use, making it a versatile and essential accessory for your little one's comfort and safety.

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Egg Basket/Pet Basket

The new egg® Basket / Pet Basket offers a practical solution for tired legs, providing a comfortable and stylish way to transport dogs or shopping up to 15kg. With features like a retractable carry handle, detachable canopy, removable tray, and easy-access zipped window at the back, this accessory enhances convenience for both young and old individuals during walks. However, when using the egg® Basket in tandem mode with a seat unit, carrycot, or infant car seat, it is necessary to incorporate the egg2® / egg3® tandem adaptors for seamless operation.

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Egg Snack Tray

The egg® Snack Trayis the perfect accessory for convenient snacking on the go. Compatible with both the egg2® and egg3® strollers, this tray can be easily installed in place of the bumper bar, offering a dishwasher-safe silicone insert for effortless cleaning. Along with its practical design, the snack tray also features a cup holder, providing a stylish and functional addition to your stroller for enhanced ease and enjoyment while out and about.

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Egg Overnight Bag

The egg® Overnight Bag is the ultimate companion for those on the go, serving as a stylish and functional hospital bag for new parents. Equipped with a matching changing mat, detachable leatherette shoulder strap, and ample pockets for organizing essentials, this versatile bag seamlessly combines both style and practicality to cater to the needs of parents and individuals alike. Available in all coordinating egg3® color options, the egg® Overnight Bag offers the perfect solution for carrying items with ease and in elegance during various outings or hospital stays.

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Egg Handmuffs

Enhance your strolling experience in chilly weather with the egg 3 Handmuffs, designed to keep your hands warm and cozy while on the go with your little one. Featuring a luxurious faux fur lining, the handmuffs can be easily attached on either side of the folding/handle extension mechanism of your stroller. With convenient poppers for effortless removal and available in coordinating egg3® color options, these handmuffs not only provide warmth but also add a touch of style with their fur trim detail. Additionally, the ample space within allows for comfortable wear even with a coat on, making them a practical and fashionable accessory for your stroller outings.

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