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How to Keep the House Clean with a Toddler

How to Keep the House Clean with a Toddler

Posted by Claire on 28th Jan 2020

A clean house makes for a calm mind and a happy home - sounds simple enough, right? But, introduce a toddler into the mix and suddenly keeping your house neat and tidy isn’t so simple! Luckily, there are ways you can make cleaning your home easier, even with a little one scurrying around between your feet, and we’ve got everything you need to know.

Organised Storage is Key

Toy BoxYou might’ve thought you’d never have more ‘stuff’ than when your baby was born, but as they grow into a toddler, you’ll realise that you were wrong! With so many toddler essentials, from buggys to toys, it’s important you make storage a priority. Here are some storage ideas to make your life that little bit easier:

  • Set up a toybox in play areas where you can quickly tidy discarded toys before putting them back in their proper place later.
  • Even if you don’t have a small home, check out storage hacks for small spaces to cleverly hide away your toddlers items.
  • If you have a million storage boxes, be sure to label them to make finding the proper place for your youngsters’ things easier.

Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning hacks are amazing for keeping your home tidy and can give you a ton of little tips and tricks to make cleaning easier. From how to quickly tidy a home if you had surprise visitors to how to clean a mirror without any hassle, there are tons out there! Take a look to cut down on your tidying time and make living with a toddler that much easier.

Easy to Use Tools

Finding cleaning tools that are easy to use will make keeping your home neat and tidy a whole lot easier. From cordless vacuums that you can quickly turn on and get rid of any spilled food to antibacterial cloths that remove the need for multiple cleaning sprays, these inventions will save you precious time.

Create Time to Clean Toddler Girl

Sometimes your little one just won’t give you time to clean, so you have to make it yourself! A great way to do this is by sitting them in front of the TV for a little bit - not that we advocate doing this a lot, but when a parent has to clean it is a great option! You can also leave them playing in a small corner of the room whilst you clean the rest, or get them involved, making tidying up a game.

Whether you’re looking for how to clean a mirror quickly or storage ideas to make tidying up easier, there are tons of solutions for cleaning with toddlers! Just be sure to do some research, make a plan, and don’t get too stressed out if on some days it just can’t be done.


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