Glow Sleep Easy from Glow Dreaming

Glow Sleep Easy from Glow Dreaming

Posted by Lucy on 28th Nov 2023

Experience the ultimate in sleep enhancement with the Glow Easy. This intelligent sleep device combines a range of essential features to ensure you get that much-needed sleep. The slick Glow Sleep Easy prevents early rising and improves your sleep routine.

The Glow Sleep Easy is the ultimate sleep device tailored to your Childs individual requirements. It interrogates Pink Noise, Red LED Light, and a Humidifier, all controlled through a user-friendly app. The Green to Rise feature is for gentle waking.

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Simply pop your Glow Sleep Easy 1m or 3ft away from the edge of the bed at eye level, on a hard, flat surface, in a position where your child can easily see it whilst laying down. Ensure the cool mist is facing them and fill the glow with cold tap water until it reaches the max line. Running the glow for 20 minutes before your child is in the room and using the wind down and overnight settings ensures the optimal experience.

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Sleep Genie App

The Sleep Genie App can be downloaded easily from the Apple App Store or Google Play to utilise the remote-control functionality and access an array of special features. At the touch of a button, you can use the presets that cater for your child’s age and remotely control your Glow Sleep Easy. The app offers completely automated sleep routines that adapt not only to your child's growth, but also to your daily schedule. Additionally, it includes a comprehensive catalogue of sleep support material and information that is suitable for your family whenever you need it.

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Supported Sleep

The dedicated Sleep Support Team ensures you can maximise the benefits of the Glow Sleep Easy. You can contact them by email or live chat for individualised assistance with sleep, gaining valuable tips and advice through one-on-one interactions that take into account your family dynamics and routines. Collaborating with acclaimed author and midwife Cath Curtain, Glow have crafted recommended sleep schedules for improved sleep.

Green to Rise

From 6 months old or when your little one can recognise different colours, the Green to Rise light can be introduced into the sleep routine to let them know it’s time to get up. Using the Glow app to switch the light from red to green turns off the Pink Noise and Humidifier, which are helping to keep your child asleep. At 18 months old, this light can educate remaining in bed when the light is red and only getting up when it changes to green.

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Red for Sleep

When establishing a wholesome bedtime routine, families are advised to incorporate a minimum of 20 minutes especially for winding down before anticipating their young ones to drift into sleep. During this period, the Red LED Light Therapy is most effective in stimulating the brain to maximise the production of the sleep hormone natural melatonin.

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Pink Noise

By incorporating Pink Noise throughout the night, you create a soothing auditory environment for your baby with sounds from nature, shielding their developing brain from disruptive background sounds that are alarming to them and preventing waking. This offers complete relaxation, promoting a deep sleep for an extended period throughout the night or during naptime.

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Humidifier for a Healthy Environment

The integrated Humidifier with the Glow Sleep Easy ensures humidity in the bedroom remains at a healthy level for the most suitable breathing required for full relaxation and easy settling to sleep. This features a 2-hour timer for homes prone to dampness and functions when refilled with fresh water on each use. Designed for safety, cool mist is produced using the vibrating ultrasonic plate and there is a lockable lid, meaning even the most curious babies would be unable to spill water.

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