Comparison of Doona infant car seat versions

Comparison of Doona infant car seat versions

Posted by Lucy on 13th May 2024

Doona is a visionary company that is dedicated to enhancing and streamlining the lives of parents and their infants through the introduction of groundbreaking products and solutions. Their unwavering commitment to innovation and improvement reflects their deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by parents, ultimately providing practical and transformative solutions that make a significant difference in daily life.

What is the difference between the Doona X, Doona I and Doona +?


Priced at £339.00, the Doona+ infant car seat stands out for its exceptional safety features. It holds the distinction of being the only car seat tested and certified for use as an Infant Car Seat, stroller, and infant carrier. Equipped with a unique 3-layer side impact protection system, anti-rebound bar crash technology, and a superior 5-point safety harness, the Doona+ guarantees comprehensive safety for children in any situation. Moreover, its ergonomic infant insert ensures optimal support for your baby's body, making it a top choice for parents seeking peace of mind and comfort for their little ones.

Doona+ Features

The Doona+ infant car seat boasts four key features, including a 99cm handle height for enhanced usability, a variety of colour options to suit individual preferences, a convenient rethread harness for easy adjustments, and ECE 244 certification to ensure compliance with European safety standards. These features make the Doona+ a versatile and safe choice for parents in search of a reliable car seat for their child.

Doona i

Priced starting at £339.00, the Doona i Car Seat and Stroller excels in safety, meeting rigorous car seat and stroller standards as well as being R129 certified. It includes integrated 5-point harness and adjustable headrest for child comfort, supplemented by the Doona side impact protection add-on (SIP) for extra safety. The sleek design ensures ease of use in various settings, making it a versatile and secure choice for parents navigating urban environments or transportation.

Doona i Features

Highlighted by a convenient 102 cm handle height for improved handling, the Doona i Car Seat and Stroller also features an easily adjustable integrated harness for hassle-free adjustments. It is R129 certified and i-size compliant, meeting stringent safety standards to offer peace of mind to parents. These key features make the Doona i a practical and secure choice for on-the-go families seeking a reliable car seat and stroller solution.

Doona X

Retailing at £549.00, the Doona X emerges as the newest entrant in the Doona Car Seat & Stroller series, offering three recline positions to ensure optimal comfort for your child. Compliant with European i-Size safety standards, the Doona X is equipped with an integrated, adjustable harness and headrest, enhancing safety features. Its patented shock absorbers and smooth-release system contribute to a secure and smooth ride, complemented by the additional protection provided by the Doona SIP add-on for improved side-impact safety.

Doona X Features

Boasting a convenient 101 cm handle height for enhanced manoeuvrability, the Doona X stands out with its upgraded insert, ensuring maximum comfort for children. Maintaining its R129 certification and i-size compliance, this model guarantees top-notch safety standards. The Doona X is designed to provide both practicality and security for parents seeking a reliable car seat and stroller solution.

Doona X design

Featuring a cutting-edge and inventive design, the Doona X offers three flexible recline settings, seamlessly shifting between an upright seating position and a nearly flat recline mode. This versatile functionality as both a car seat and stroller cater to newborns, simplifying the parenting experience with an all-in-one solution that evolves with your child's needs.

Which Doona Car Seat Is Best for You?

For parents seeking a safe car seat with a range of colour options, the Doona+ is an excellent choice. Opt for the Doona i if you desire versatility and enhanced comfort features such as an adjustable headrest and harness. If convenience and comfort are your priorities, the Doona X with its multiple recline positions and smooth-release system could be the ideal pick for you. Consider your preferences and needs to determine which Doona car seat model best suits your family.

Doona Lifestyle

Regardless of your choice between the Doona car seat models, you can be confident in investing in a top-notch product that places a premium on your child's safety and comfort. So, go ahead and make your selection now to experience the convenience and ease of the Doona travel system.

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