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  1. Providing a speedy mail order service. Order before 2pm and receive your goods the very next day
  2. Stocking a huge range of products – browse hundreds in-store and 6,000 on our website
  3. Providing helpful independent advice and information – here at our experienced team is comprised of mostly mums and dads. We don’t have sales targets and can offer impartial advice on all of our products
  4. Providing a friendly, professional service at all times – is a family-owned company and among the best loved baby products website in the UK – the proof is in our TrustPilot reviews

Our Story

On his return from the Second World War John Winstanley set up his own painting and decorating business, whilst his wife, Nellie, looked after their young family. In 1951 John decided to open a shop selling decorating supplies on Fleet Street, Wigan, with Nellie running the shop whilst John continued to grow his decorating company. In 1957 the council put a demolition order on the building, so Nellie and John bought Jarvis’s Cycles on Ormskirk Road, Pemberton and started to sell bikes as well as decorating supplies.

Some years later they expanded the business, opening a nursery goods department and soon afterwards adding toys as well. In 1972 their son Kevin, who had studied Chemical Engineering at University, left his job at LaPorte in Grimsby and joined the family firm along with his wife Margaret, who juggled working in the shop with looking after a young family. The business continued to grow throughout the seventies and eighties and, at the end of 1994 Kevin’s son, David, left his job with Woolworths and joined the firm as Store Manager, followed by David’s brother Carl who joined the company in 1997. The company rapidly grew and the responsibilities were shared between the two brothers, with David looking after the Toys and Nursery, Carl running the cycles, and Kevin steering the company financially.

In 2006, the two departments had become too large to remain in the same premises and the company was split, with David continuing to manage Pramworld, and Carl moving the cycle business to a new distribution centre on Martland Park, Wigan. After a complete refurbishment, the Ormskirk Road store is now dedicated to selling a wide range of Nursery Products.

Who Are We?

David Winstanley

Name: David Winstanley

Job Title: Director

Job Description: Responsible for sales, buying and marketing since 1994.

Interests: Golf, Cycling, Rugby League.

What Do You Love About Pramworld: Pretty much everything! Making our customers happy customers.

Unusual Fact About Yourself: I once played a ballerina in a play.

Favourite Film: Pulp Fiction

Hero: Ellery Hanley

Guilty Pleasure: Strictly Come Dancing

What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up: A pilot

Name: Donna Castle

Job Title: Warehouse Manager

Job Description: I have worked for Pramworld for 14 years. I run the warehouse, which has large stock deliveries coming in regularly & hundreds of deliveries leaving us each day.

Interests: Xbox, going out, D.I.Y

What Do You Love About Pramworld: My colleagues

Unusual Fact About Yourself: I can wiggle my eyes side to side very fast

Favourite Film: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Guilty Pleasure: Jam and cheese on toast

What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up: To work in retail.

Name: Clare Barker

Job Title: Shop Floor Manager

Job Description: I assist with the daily running of the store and mail order department, ensuring the best possible shopping experience for our customers.

Interests: All sports and outdoor activities

What Do You Love About Pramworld: Great staff, great friends, great company.

Unusual Fact About Yourself: I regularly beat my husband at golf.

Favourite Song: David Gray - Please Forgive Me

Hero: David Gray

Guilty Pleasure: Vino

What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up: A P.E. Teacher

Name: Kelly Hewitt

Job Title: Shop Floor Supervisor

Job Description: Maintaining the shop floor from day to day, allocating jobs to the shop floor staff. I have worked at Pramworld since 2008.

Interests: Socialising and spending time with my 2 children.

What Do You Love About Pramworld: I love working here as it feels like we are a family. We have a strong bond and we all strive to offer the best service possible.

Unusual Fact About Yourself: I am a massive Eddie Stobart fan

Favourite Film: Lady and the Tramp

Hero: My Mum and Dad.

Guilty Pleasure: One Direction

What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up: Prince William's wife.

Name: Nicola Hopkinson

Job Title: Shop Floor Supervisor

Job Description: Ensuring the shop floor runs smoothly on a daily basis, allocating jobs to shop floor staff, and also working in the service department.

Interests: I enjoy spending time with my little boy who has just turned 3. We like going to the park, playing football and also going out on our bikes.

What Do You Love About Pramworld: I love working for Pramworld as we are able to give impartial advice on our wide range of products which means customers are able to leave the store happy and well informed.

Unusual Fact About Yourself: My 2nd toe is longer than my big toe

Favourite Film: The Shawshank Redemption

Hero: Walt Disney

Guilty Pleasure: George Formby

What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up: Either a detective or a professional wrestler for WWF.

Name: Nicola Foster

Job Title: Service & Operations Manager

Job Description: To oversee the returns and repairs department as well as stock management and general operations within the business.

Interests: Training at my local gym, Wigan Warriors, baking and going out.

What Do You Love About Pramworld: My colleagues, the run-up to Christmas in store with Secret Santa and the night out. Knowing that I have a second family that will always be there for me.

Unusual Fact About Yourself: I only have one kidney. I also have a degree in Fine Art.

Favourite Film: Wayne's World. (Either one, I'm not fussy.)

Hero: My mum, also known as P-Unit!

Guilty Pleasure: Cheese!

What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up: I wanted to be Quincy (forensic pathologist).

Where Are We?

Why not visit our nursery store? We are easy to find, just two minutes from junction 26 of the M6, about 3 miles from Wigan town centre. Click here for a map and detailed directions. Our address is:

Winstanleys Pramworld
729-725 Ormskirk Road

Not all of the products available on-line are on display in our Wigan showroom. Please contact us first if you wish to view a product in store.

John Winstanley & Co Ltd T/A Winstanleys Pramworld is a company registered in England and our registered address is as above. Our company registration number is 752287.