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Stokke® Table Top

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The Stokke® Table Top is designed with the enjoyment of your child in mind, whether they're playing, learning or eating.

Why Buy from Us?

Play, Learn, Eat!

While most trays mount onto the highchair, the innovative Stokke® Table Top attaches firmly to your dining table, allowing your child to sit, enjoy and connect with you and the rest of the family. The suction cups keep the Table Top firmly stuck to your dining table, and the raised edges make sure your child doesn't lose crayons or toys.

The Table Top is not just great for eating though, it's also fantastic for playing, learning and sharing at the family table. When your child is eating, the Stokke® Table Top protects your dining table, providing a personal mess-area where your child can learn the skills of eating.

The Stokke® Table Top comes complete with four exciting and stimulating templates that can be inserted into the transparent tray offering different backdrops to challenge your child's imagination with animal, colour, shape, size, numbers and alphabet themes. The Stokke® Table Top is not only a tray; it's a platform for your child to learn, play and eat.

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  • Made from high quality plastic compounds - free from bisphenol-A, (BPA) phthales or any other potentially dangerous chemicals, and approved by the FDA, (Food and Drugs Administration) the Table Top has an smooth wipe-clean surface, or alternatively, just wash in the sink.
  • Grows with your child the Stokke® Table Top has six interchangeable templates which grow in complexity from simple illustrations, animals, and vehicles, to letters and numbers.
  • Easy reach the Stokke® Table Top is a confined space with deep edges so your child can keep food, cutlery and toys all within reach.
  • Easy to remove the Stokke® Table Top sits close to the table, with strong suction cups holding it in place, a release gap is placed on the opposite side of the tray, making it easy for you to remove, but not your child.
  • Less mess a smooth surface and a deep rim make it easy to clean, keeping fluids and food on the tray whilst protecting your table from food and scratches.
  • Stokke products have 2 years manufactures warranty. Extend your warranty by registering your purchase with Stokke at

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