Pipsy Koala Kenny the Kangaroo Backpack

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Kenny The Kangaroo Backpack designed by Pipsy Koala and Goldbug is the leading name in themed harnesses made of high quality, soft plush. This beautiful accessory is perfect to use in public open areas and guarantees safety fun for your loving one.

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This lovely harness from Pipsy Koala has a child-friendly Kenny The Kangaroo theme on the back and keeps your little runner safe and close. The long, 3-foot rein allows your little explorer to run about while still under your control. As your child is growing, you can adjust the straps and off the rein buckle to use this accessory as a regular toddler's backpack.

  • Suitable from 18 months +
  • Easy to use and fun to wear
  • Ideal for public places
  • Featuring adjustable straps
  • Includes fun pouch for toys
  • Machine washable

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