Kit For Kids Ventiflow Thick Travel Cot Mattress (93 x 64 x 6cm)

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Kit For Kids Ventiflow Thick Travel Cot Mattress (93 x 64 x 6cm) is made of dense and durable foam with a highly breathable top cover and a wipe clean training surface on the reverse. Fits most standard sized travel cots.

Why Buy from Us?

The Ventiflow Thick Travel Cot Mattress (93 x 64 x 6cm) from Kit for Kids with its tri-layered structure provides the best sleep and supports balanced development and growth for your child. Fits all standard travel cot beds, it is excellent in care and can be easily washed at 60°.

Ventiflow™ top cover promotes air circulation to help prevent overheating and maximize breath-ability for the sleeping child. This 3D fabric draws fluid away from the baby’s body, forming a barrier between baby and fluids and helping to aid a more comfortable nights sleep.

Kidtex™ is a vapour permeable yet water repellent fabric.

Permex Plus™ is a PVC-free, wipe clean fabric, which is soft to touch. It is waterproof, yet vapour permeable which prevents sweating. An ideal surface for potty training, and it is also hypo-allergenic.


  • Fits standard sized travel cots
  • Washable: The cover can be washed at 60°, the temperature at which dust mites are eradicated.
  • Anti-Mite: Washing at 60° helps to eradicate dust mites, which can also help to prevent asthma.
  • Reversible: Both sides of the mattress can be slept on. A fully reversible mattress can prolong its lifespan, and the different surfaces may be tailored to the changing needs of the growing child.
  • Wipe Clean: Non PVC. Non sweat surface can be wiped clean with a wet sponge.
  • Removable: The outer cover can be easily removed for washing.
  • Water Repellent: The water repellent outer layer will protect the core from bacterial and fungal contamination.
  • Hypoallergenic: Components specially chosen to lessen the chance of an allergic reaction.
  • Breathable: 3D surface promotes air circulation for enhanced breath-ability helping to prevent overheating.
  • Perspiration Control: Non PVC, non sweat surface is vapor permeable, keeping the baby cool and dry.

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