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Bundle Includes:
iCandy MiChair
iCandy MiChair Comfort Pack
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iCandy MiChair + Comfort Pack - Russet

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IC1480, IC1791

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The iCandy MiChair is a stylish, modern highchair that transforms into a beautifully crafted piece of furniture for your child as they continue to grow. This package includes the iCandy MiChair and the MiChair Comfort Pack

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    The iCandy MiChair is a contemporary, stylish highchair that is designed to adapt as your child grows and stay with them as a timeless piece of furniture, as well as being a feature-laden highchair that makes life easier for parents. The iCandy Mi-Chair comes complete with tray, waist strap, crotch post and footrest, making it ideal for table-side use. As your little one grows it can even be easily converted into a stylish junior chair or rocking chair suitable up to the age of six by removing the extended legs and using the additional parts provided.

    This package also includes the MiChair Comfort Pack, a seat reducer designed to be used with the iCandy MiChair that adds a comfortable padded layer to the inside of the seat, making it ideal for smaller babies. The Comfort Pack includes a padded back-cushion and seat cushion.

    • Includes tray, waist strap, crotch post and footrest
    • Wipe-clean and washable seat base
    • Hidden integral release paddles
    • Comfort Pack includes soft, padded back and seat cushions

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    ICandy offer a full 2 year warranty on ICandy Chassis and 6 months on fabrics and accessories, this protects you for any manufacturing defects that may occur during this time.

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