Cybex Yema Carrier - Denim Midnight Blue

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Embrace individuality with the Cybex Yema, a beautifully stylish and practical carrier inspired by the draping fabrics of international fashion designers. Yema is not only beautifully designed, it features simple shapes that hide the many functions hidden beneath to create a seamless silhouette.

We carry our children for 9 months whilst they are growing, so it makes perfect sense to keep them close once they enter the world too. The Cybex Yema can create the perfect connection between you and your little one, and the wide range of designs mean you can choose one that suits your personal style perfectly.

From birth to 15kg the Yema carrier has 3 different positions that allow you to carry your child on your front, or side (from 3 months) or on your back ( from 6 months) which is great for older children too.

As your little one grows, the Yema easily adjusts thanks to a unique hidden panel in the waist band of the carrier, the weight indicators make adjusting it to the right size as easy as possible and ensure you and your baby are comfortable at every stage.

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