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Close have successfully created a carrier that is the perfect accessory for any new parent. The Caboo Lite is easy to use, intuitive and can be used right from day 1 for your newborn baby.

Why Buy from Us?

The Caboo Lite is one of the very few carriers that can be used from birth and offers an affordable option to give both baby and parent the best carrying experience right from day one. Close have created a carrier that is easy to use, comfortable to wear and the beautiful neutral colours make this the perfect accessory for both mum and dad.

The Lite could not be easier to use and could be likened to putting on a T-shirt which is easily adjusted by the rings on the side of the carrier. The padded back panel offers great support for the person using the carrier and the light fabric means the Caboo Lite is comfortable and cool to wear for long periods.

When it comes to getting baby in the carrier you will have complete peace of mind from the start and after a few simple steps your baby will feel snug and secure. The Lite offers the recommended ‘Frog’ carry position for good development and also offers excellent head and neck support.

The Lite can be used from 5lbs upwards and has lots of hands free positions including a discreet breastfeeding position for mum. Once your child gets a little older, the Lite also has an easy to use hip position.

  • Use from birth, 5lbs and upwards
  • Padded cross section over the shoulder
  • Easy adjustment pull fabric through rings
  • Multiple hands-free front positions, including discreet seated breast feeding support
  • Secure, wider stretchier straps support your baby from the top of their head to the base of their spine with excellent head and neck support
  • Easy to use hip position for older babies
  • Less fabric for a lighter cooler carrying experience
  • Comfortable padded back panel
  • Rounded strap ends on hammock and wrap
  • Recommended ‘frog legged’ carry position for developing hips and spine
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