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BeSafe Pregnancy Belt FIX

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The BeSafe Pregnancy Fix helps to protect both the Mother and the unborn child in the event of a collision, by re-directing the force of a collision into the hips, protecting the unborn child. Recommended from the 2nd month of pregnancy.

Why Buy from Us?

The BeSafe Pregnancy Fix is designed to make driving safer for pregnant women and their unborn baby. Without interfering with the functionality of the 3-point seat belt, the Pregnancy Fix helps to position the lap belt away from your tummy and your unborn baby, transferring the force of any impact into your hips, protecting your child.

The Pregnancy Fix can be attached using the strap for front seats, or extra support, when used on a rear seat the Pregnancy Fix can be attached using the vehicle Isofix anchorage points.

  • Doesn't interfere with the basic safety performance of the 3-point car belt - helps to position the lap belt keeping the unborn child safe.
  • Avoids any discomfort caused by the belt being placed over the stomach during ordinary day-to-day driving.
  • Used from as early as the second month of pregnancy.
  • Can be installed with the Isofix points in the passenger seat or back seat or using the strap provided in the front seats.
  • Click buckle makes it easy to move Pregnancy FIX from one seat to another.

Please note: We are not permitted to sell Besafe car seats outside the UK

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BeSafe child seats come with a 24 month warranty.

This covers you for any manufacturing defects that may occur during this period.

The fabrics and accessories are covered for a period of 6 months.

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